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Goji Berries---Quarantine Edition

Goji Berries
The emergency rations of fun are here!
Open up your toilet paper fortresses and let the delivery in. And don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards! 
To thrive in quarantine, you need entertainment. Here are some entertainment supplies: 
  1. Kanopy. Now that the libraries are closed, it is time to check out movies virtually.  
  2. Bored Games. Matt Glassman has excellent advice for board games that will keep you and your kids entertained. 
  3. Prime Opportunity. Amazon Prime subscribers can get a free Kindle book each month. 
  • ‘Chinese’ Virus. The hubbub about the ‘Chinese Virus’ is best put in context with a nugget from Germ Theory by Bob Gaynes. In the 1500s, syphilis was known by many names. The Italians called it the French disease. The French called it the disease of Naples. The English called it the Spanish disease. The Russians called it the Polish disease. (via Jason Crawford)
  • Known Knowns and Known Unknowns. Scientists have been warning governments about preparing for a Flu epidemic for a long time. See this 2000 missive, for instance. What makes the 2000 article particularly compelling, though, is this nugget: “Of the estimated 30 million deaths, 17 million occurred in India, where there was a death rate of 30 per 100000 population, compared with 5 per 100000 in Europe and North America.”
Make Production Fun Again
  1. Fixed Costs. Given we all may be looking at extended periods of working from home, invest in things that can improve your productivity at home.
  2. Boring is Fun. James Tuber talks about two kinds of fun:
  • Type 1 Fun: Pure fun, untarnished by setbacks
  • Type 2 Fun: Suffering now; fun after the fact, in retrospect
Lots of things worth doing are type 2. Type 2 is fun. Just not at the moment. Don’t miss out on type 2 fun!

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