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Goji Berries - Issue #17

Goji Berries
Ready for your weekly dose of antioxidants? Open your mouth and say aahhh.
p.s. Next week’s issue is devoted to personal finance. Excited to share it with you.

1. Technical Debt is “how difficult the software is to improve,” according to Andrea Goulet. Here’s one way to make it a bit easier to improve the code:
“A friend of mine says that for commit messages, every summary should be the size of half a tweet, with the description as long as a blog post, if necessary,” says Goulet. “You have the chance to tightly couple your rationale with the code that’s being changed.”
And here’s a funny bit:
“It’s common to hear developers get so frustrated about working with a piece of code they run ‘git blame’ in a fit of rage to figure out who wrote that mess, only to find it was themselves.”
2. How much of news is news? And how much of it is about dining, travel, fashion, cooking, celebrity scandals, and other such things? I provide the answer for the New York Times and for all major newspapers from the U.K.
3. Consulting Ethics: Kevin Burke wisely chooses to be transparent about some trade-offs:
If I have a choice between two solutions to a problem that are equivalent in implementation time/error rate/etc, I will choose the one that is more likely to advance my career, or lead to a future talk/blog post. I’m happy to credit you as a sponsor if I develop a blog post or talk based on something I’ve learned while working with you.
4. Productivity, Security, and Privacy:
  • Block distractions on your phone with
  • Wonderful lectures and notes on Hacker Tools: If nothing else, check out the lecture on security and privacy.
  • If you are thinking about free tax prep. solutions, remember that there is no free lunch. Here’s a reality check from Geoffrey Fowler, which includes this following blurb:
Taped on my desk are four questions I’ve learned to ask any business that wants my data:
1. What information is being used?
2. Who is it being shared with?
3. How secure is it?
4. How long are they holding on to it?
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