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Goji Berries
Hola! Como Estas? God has ten commandments, but Melania has one: Be best! Follow all.

  1. Exercise Fasting: The one known-known about health is exercise. But it may be time to add fasting to the list of one. You can read some of the research on fasting here. But beware! Many of the studies were done in mice. (There is a twitter account devoted to calling out studies done on mice that the media uses to draw conclusions about humans.)
  2. Transparent Theft: If some of you thought that you could harvest Vitamin D sitting indoors, think again. Sunlight through the glass doesn’t help produce Vitamin D as most commercial glass blocks UVB.
  3. Ignorance is bliss: Especially when you compare it to misinformation—you think the wrong thing is the truth. Detox yourself with this handy list of awful but super popular nutrition myths.
  4. Doctor House: Having a doctor in the house improves the health outcomes of people in the family: https://www.nber.org/papers/w25618
  5. Hanging by the Floss: Flossing may not improve dental health (I generally take lack of published RCT on common things like flossing not as absence of evidence but as evidence of absence. I am sure that the file drawers are full of evidence of absence.), but it may reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s. (The evidence = “We discovered DNA-based proof that the bacteria causing gingivitis can move from the mouth to the brain.“) 
  1. Crooks For Books: There was a time when directories of files were a staple feature on the Internet. Not any more. So it was fun to discover http://avalonlibrary.net/ebooks/ , which offers the opportunity to download many e-books.
  2. Mubi for Movies. The Internet was supposed to help with the long tail. But Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. could care less. The absence of good independent movies on these platforms is galling. If you suffer like me, check out https://mubi.com. Within 10 days of joining the platform, I have already watched two really good movies: The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu and Nobody Knows.
  3. Talking in Riddles: I am pro riddles though not a riddle pro. Riddles make life more fun. To add some fun to your life, check out WWU’s www which lists some fun riddles:
"An Arab sheikh is old and must will his fortune to one of his two sons. He makes a proposition. His two sons will ride their camels in a race, and whichever camel crosses the finish line last will win the fortune for its owner. During the race, the two brothers wander aimlessly for days, neither willing to cross the finish line. In desperation, they ask a wise man for advice. He tells them something; then the brothers leap onto the camels and charge toward the finish line. What did the wise man say?”
Psychosomatic Healing
Unbeknownst to many of you, there is a cricket world cup going on. One of India’s batsmen got injured but the team decided to keep him around in hopes that he will get fit again. Here’s what the captain of the team had to say about the relationship between mindset and recovering from an injury:
“I think that kind of mindset will help in healing the injury as well as he really wants to play.”
Wishing you all the kind of mindset that helps you recover from injuries!
Till next time,
—- Gaurav
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Gaurav @soodoku

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